Notary’s office Cologne – Your Notaries Christian Haas & Ulrich Sauer

Real Estate

In the real estate sector, the notary supervises the purchase of land between private individuals, but also the purchase from the property developer. Furthermore, real estate is often transferred from one generation to the next by way of anticipated succession. Our Notary’s office cologne is at your disposal for this, but also for other property matters, such as mortgage and land charge orders.

Corporate Law

Christian Haas and Ulrich Sauer, notaries, will be pleased to assist you with the incorporation of your company, not only in Cologne, and will advise you on the type of company you are interested in and draw up the articles of association. In addition, we support you with amendments to the articles of association and share transfers.

Family Law

Especially in the area of family law, notarial agreements help to save money and nerves in the event of a divorce that hopefully does not occur. Our notary’s office in Cologne will be pleased to assist you with any questions on the subject of family law, in particular marriage contracts and divorce agreements. The marriage contract regulates the matrimonial property regime, pension equalisation and post-marital maintenance.

Inheritance Law

In the field of inheritance law, there are often unpleasant surprises when opening a will without expert advice. These surprises can be avoided by the advice of the notary Haas and the notary Sauer in Cologne. Our notary’s office in Cologne implements your last will and testament in the form of an inheritance contract or will.

Office Hours

You can reach us by phone Monday to Thursday between 09:00 till 13:00 and 14:00 till 17:00 and on Friday between 09:00 and 13:00 at 0221 280 576-0. Appointments require previous notification. You are welcome to draft a written inquiry in advance. Please use our contact form for this.


To prepare for your notary appointment, we offer our checklists for the sale of real estate, the formation of a business, or the application of a general power of attorney or a healthcare proxy. All forms can be found as PDF in the download centre.


The notary fees are regulated according to the court fees act and the notary fees act. There are additional costs e.g. court fees (in real estate or corporate law) and the real estate transfer tax when purchasing land. You can find a broad overview of the notary fees here.

Looking for a notary in Cologne?

Your notaries in Cologne – Christian Haas and Ulrich Sauer – will advise you and your contracting partner as an impartial consultant on various matters. In addition, as notary in Cologne, we will lend our support during the drafting of contracts and ensure fairness for all parties concerned.

Competencies and focus areas of your notary’s office in Cologne

Our notary’s office in Cologne you can make use of in many different areas – both in private matters and in company matters. Your notaries Christian Haas and Ulrich Sauer are at your side with legal expertise in questions of real estate law, company law, family law or inheritance law.

Your Notaries Christian Haas and Ulrich Sauer attach importance to consulting that creates transparency and clarity. The task of a notary’s office is to make complicated legal matters understandable and comprehensible. Notaries hold a public office and are legally obliged to independence and neutrality. A notary therefore acts as an impartial advisor in complicated legal matters.

What is the notary’s office in Cologne used for when buying real estate or land?

Our notary’s office in Cologne supports you in the purchase or sale of real estate or land. The aim is to avoid risks for all parties involved when drafting and certifying contracts. Your notaries Christian Haas and Ulrich Sauer will also assist you with other property matters, such as mortgage and land charge orders. On our website you will find a checklist with lots of useful information and forms on the subject of condominium ownership and land acquisition. Under “Fields of activity” on our website, our notary’s office in Cologne will also inform you about the purchase contract, purchase from the property developer and transfer contract.

Which legal areas are covered by family law?

Your Notaries Christian Haas and Ulrich Sauer are distinguished by their special expertise in family law. Your notary’s office in Cologne will provide you with legal advice on marriage contracts, divorce agreements, custody declarations, adoptions and asset transfers between family members. Living together in a cohabitation raises numerous questions that should be considered. The law therefore offers the possibility of making individual agreements and independently choosing the appropriate arrangement for your cohabitation. As impartial advisors, notaries can contribute their precise knowledge of the legal situation. Your notary’s office in Haas and Sauer offers competent legal advice on questions relating to marriage, partnership and family. Our entire team of notaries is, of course, committed to confidentiality in all your concerns and treats your inquiries with care, prudence and data protection conformity. Do you have a concern concerning family law? Then you are welcome to contact our notary’s office in Cologne and arrange a personal appointment in our notary’s office.

What duties does a notary have in the field of inheritance law?

In our notary’s office in Cologne we help you to regulate the estate in accordance with the legal provisions. To ensure that your last will and testamentary wishes are taken into account in the best possible way, we assist you in drafting your will or contract of inheritance. In the event of death, the will or contract of inheritance avoids a dispute between the heirs. Furthermore, a notarial will or contract of inheritance replaces the certificate of inheritance, the issue of which is often associated with a longer judicial processing period. A notary is available as an independent advisor to clarify difficult legal questions concerning inheritance in advance. In addition, your notaries Christian Haas and Ulrich Sauer will provide you with a checklist for the powers of attorney and powers of attorney in respect of pension plans.

What support does our notary’s office in Cologne offer in setting up a company?

When starting a business, the first question to ask is the right legal form. A distinction must be made between partnerships, corporations and associations. Our notary’s office Haas und Sauer will advise you even before the foundation of your own company. Our notaries Christian Haas and Ulrich Sauer have a high level of legal competence in the field of corporate law. You will find more detailed information on the various legal forms under the “Company Law” section of our website. Find out exactly what constitutes the legal form of a sole trader, general partnership (OHG), limited partnership (KG), limited liability company (GmbH), entrepreneurial company (UG), stock corporation (AG) or association. Of course, our notary’s office will advise you not only before the establishment of the company

Your notaries in Cologne – our free forms for you

In our Download-Center you will find helpful forms for the purchase of real estate, company law and family and inheritance law. These are an initial basis for a more in-depth discussion in our notary’s office in Cologne. Our checklists are available in PDF or DOC format. Of course, you can download all useful forms free of charge. If you have any further questions, you can also contact our notary’s office in Cologne directly.

What does a notary cost?

You are looking for a notary’s office near you and would like to find out the possible costs? The costs incurred for a notarial service are regulated in the Court and Notary Costs Act and are therefore uniform throughout Germany. Further costs that may be incurred are, for example, court costs in real estate and company law or the real estate transfer tax for the purchase of real estate. The costs incurred are made up of various factors. These factors are the notarisation fee, an execution fee and other fees for secondary activities of the notary. Under the heading “Notarial fees” on our website you will find examples of the costs of the notarial activities of our notary’s office. This list is only an indication of possible costs. The actual fees may differ from this list. If you require further information on the costs of a notarial activity, our staff in our notary’s office will be happy to assist you. Further information on opening hours and how to contact our notary’s office can be found below.

What opening hours can you contact your notaries during?

You can contact your notaries Christian Haas and Ulrich Sauer in advance in writing or by telephone. You can reach us from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00 as well as on Fridays from 9:00 to 13:00. Would you like to arrange a personal appointment in our notary’s office? Our notary team can be reached by telephone on 0221 280 5760 during our opening hours. Would you like to contact our notary team by e-mail? Then write to us at the following e-mail address: or send our notary’s office a fax.

You are looking for a notary’s office near you? Our notary’s office is located at the beautiful Stadtwaldgürtel in Cologne. Our notaries and employees welcome you to our Notariat Köln. All your data will of course be treated by our team of notaries in accordance with data protection regulations. All employees of our office are bound to secrecy.