Your notary for inheritance law

Your notary for inheritance law The field of inheritance law is very complicated and deals with the transfer of assets of a deceased person. Your notary will gladly advise you and implement your last wishes in the form of a testament or inheritance contract.

Testament and inheritance contract

A clearly expressed last will through a testament or inheritance contract prevents disputes between heirs. The statutory inheritance law is often no longer suitable for current life situations. In addition to the spouse, the biological descendants of the deceased inherit and form a community of heirs. In this day and age, many couples do not only have common children but also children from previous relationships. In this case, the statutory inheritance law would determine the proportion of assets for each child at random. A last will (testament or inheritance contract) can solve these problems

A testament can be made by anyone. It can be privately written or notarized. The privately written testament has to be written by one’s own hand, and signed with date and place. Spouses can also write a joint privately written testament. With a notarial testament or inheritance contract you will be on the safe side. A testament that is drafted by a notary is usually written by an individual or by spouses, while an inheritance contract governs the inheritance between any persons in a contractually binding way. The inheritance contract is open to spouses, life partners, and can set binding rules between parents and children. Furthermore, it is cheaper than notarized joint testament since the fee for judicial safekeeping is omitted.

The heart of any testamentary disposition is a notarial consultation. In a personal conversation with your notary, the notary will ensure that your ideas and wishes will be carried out in legally correct provisions. Only when the provisions match your wishes, the testament or inheritance contract will be notarized by your notary.

In an inheritance contract, inheritance provisions can be made in a legally binding i.e. in an unalterable manner for the longer living contracting partner; the provisions can also be gradually designed or completely cancelled.

The cost of a testamentary disposition shall be determined by the net value of the assets. The certification of an inheritance contract including the preceding consultation will cost approximately EUR 600 net if the common assets amount for EUR 100.000. It has to be taken into account that a notarial testamentary disposition can be dispensable with a certificate of inheritance (court testimony about the succession). The certificate of inheritance entails similar costs as an inheritance contract or a notarial testament.

A checklist of the information can be obtained upon request. Further information about the incurred notary fees can be found here.

As notaries for inheritance law, we will gladly assist you with consultation and/or notarization in the field or inheritance law.

Inheritance law documents can of course be drafted in collaboration with your lawyer.